FAQ and Friends. NOT FOR KIDS

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A crappy video clip, yes, but a hinty FAQ sample of what you might expect if he focuses his attention on you.


views expressed by FAQ do not represent the Juggling Gypsy. In fact, we can't figure out why anyone who would act like this for any sane rational reason. But for some reason, he's oddly compelling. Hide your children.



























Tune in Wednesday at 9PM to see something really stupid. RIght here. OR... direct on the Ustream channel.

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Calling all idiots. Stupid project seeking stupid (talented) people.

FAQ and Friends: An upstart live webcast talkshow is springing forth from the seedy clown underbelly of society to bring YOU a delicious blend of lude and crude behavior, low brow humor, potty mouth wisdom, sketch comedy, and a brand stinking new spin on the late night talk show.

Wednesday Nights, starting at 9PM EST, tune in to FAQ's Ustream channel here:

The production crew is a haphazard bunch of under-qualified, drunken, morons~And generally inadequate to boot.
FAQ in all his ridiculous clown wisdom sure doesn't know how to pick em.

We're looking at YOU for answers.

Here's what we're looking for:

Video Moron: Has a decent video cam, capable of live streaming Web content to the masses.
And it would be better if you knew how to use it, too. This job comes with A steady IV drip of Tang.

Casting Moron: FAQ has enough to do, being irate, pondering the intricacies of belly lint, and being in a constant state of overall dickishness. He needs people to talk to live on camera. And they need a good story. He doesnt care who it is, but they do need a sense of humor. Because FAQ certainly doesn't have one.

Merchandising Moron: FAQ likes to give stuff away that's not his. By crap, we mean gaudy wares from vendors who can't get their crap reviewed on Ellen. These wares and services need to be sourced, and FAQ needs to know a little bit about the item, so when some idiot wins the prize for doing something that comes naturally, they won't be embarrased by not being able to read the instructions.

Fanclub Moron: FAQ has a following of maybe 12 people. They call themselves the FAQoffs. Research shows that this number is likely to dip into the negative numbers sometime next ratings quarter. Seeking the right individual with "experience" managing a fan club with a negative population. If all else fails, we'll hire a donkey.

Social Media Moron: FAQ hates people. And their cats. And their pictures of lunch posted on the internet. However, he does take great comfort in pissing off people he doesn't know. Therefore, social media. FAQ has a lot to say. None of it is worth listening to. So you managing a FAQ Facebook page should be as easy as whipping a donkey. (*see Fanclub Moron for details.)

But first, you probably should introduce yourself.
Please send inquiries to

FAQ the clown on facebook. Hate mail, fanclubbing, baby seal clubbing, etc.