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Sundays SUBVERSIVE FILM NIGHT featuring wild, controversial films at 8 pm. Afterwards, features the BEHIND THE GARAGE music series at 10PM, with a weekly schedule of bands and experimental performance acts to rock your Sunday. Always Totally Free.

Mondays $2 Mystery Magical Micros & Multimedia Open Mic The New Open Mic for the 21st Century, baby...Not just your standard singer/songwriter forum; In addition to live music, we present a forum for standup comedy, short video projects, feats of skill, stupid human tricks, and a live soapbox for rants and causes. Top that with the BEST monday drink deal in town, with over a dozen stellar microbrews for jsut $2 bucks.In a city where many places are closed on this post-weekend day, we've got you covered on live entertainment!

Tuesdays INDIE MUSIC NIGHT! rocking your socks off with more live entertainment from regional and national acts. Independent, unique unsigned, talented, and not your usual fare. Most shows are free to low cover, and we offer $1 Sake Shots to entice you all the more.

Wednesdays WEDNESDAY NIGHT GET DOWN . A slew of live, interactive, regularly recurring events focusing on interactivity, audience participation, and yes, Live Entertainment! Featuring electronic artists. Join our facebook gang to get the lowdown on these get-downs.

Thursdays FIRE & DRUM JAM @ dark & LIVE ACTS @ 11 WIlmington's longest running drum circle, for 10 years, is coupled with a wild group of fire dancers, jugglers, trick object manipulators, and other circus types for an organic night of practice, rhythm, and fun. Takes place outside, rain or shine. At 11, Live, free eclectic acts & DJs take over, while the floor opens up for glow spinners who create amazing visuals with spinning objects.

Fridays & Saturdays LIVE Who knows what you can expect, except that It's going to Be LIVE! From odd performance acts, to circus shows, to bellydance show-cases, and special event theme nights, or live music entertainment spanning every genre from 1940s jazz to rapping trombone players. We are constantly in search of crazy new entertainment to blow your mind, so ANY night you stop in, is going to be something completely different!









Lindsey Pavao


The Gypsy's Annual week-long celebration of Dressing up, and causing mischief.









we love you.