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we NEVER charge for extra hoses.

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Ok, so you've driven by lots of times, and you are curious. "what IS that place?", you ask.
Don't be shy. There's only one way to find out. We don't bite. In fact, this may very well be one of the most warm and welcoming places you'll find in town. We offer food, coffee, live shows, music acts, belly dancers, circus aritsts, percussionists, and other alternative artists. We are a reality studio. Come see. Stop in for a coffee,look around, and decide for yourself. But it won't happen if you don't take the chance & come through the door.


The Juggling Gypsy is a performance arts venue & studio: owned, operated and patronized by performing artists. We have a PA, show lights, and a stage for featuring music/acts from every possible genre. If you want to do your thing on stage, please send an email with act links to booking@jugglinggypsy.com


Want to bring your act to the Gypsy? Got a concept for a really cool party? Masquerades, independent film project, armwrestling contests, turtle races, Aerial act, fire dance show, smoke performance, bike rodeo, superhero show & tell, book club meeting, art launch, anniversary, staring contest...... you name it! We're here for you to get it in, on, and in front of an audience!












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Thanks again for being the most happening place in
Wilmington. Last Saturday was a blast! The music scene wouldn't be the same
without people like you all. Thanks a ton, and best wishes in all your

Evan Baker & Deep Ecology.

I have been to juggling gypsy so many times and I love it
Thank you!... Sabrina

6.1.2011 ~ Thank you for making possible the show outside. It went really well and has
been the best show we've had at the gypsy yet (it was our 3rd time back).
It is always a pleasure to return to my favorite dive in the world. It
really feels like a home to me with so many warm people and cool
happenings. Again, Thank you! ~ Ivan, Pelicanesis

4.5.2011 ~ Dear Gypsies,
Thank you for your generous donations to the hive's mind raffle. We raised over $400 for the New Hanover Local beekeepers' Association ! Thank you for your love and support~you're an inspiration! Love Annie

8.8.2010~ Thanks for having us there! We really enjoyed it and it was a good night of
selling merch! Your staff treated us well too!\ ~ Thomas(Leeward Fate)

7/27/2010 ...and it sounds like you guys are the best hosts in the country!...And thanks a bunch for everything! ~ Arlo and the Otter

Wilmington needs the Gypsy - it's good you're here!
The Gypsy is a supa-chill place and I will always recommend and visit when in town.
I wish you mucho continued success!
Love, peace & hair-grease,

6.10.2010 I love brainstorming about different ways to have fun. Anyway,
we'd be more than happy to contribute in any way we can if there's an
opening. I'm constantly telling my friends and spreading the word of 'The Juggling Gypsy'.
I spread the freakish love! *LOL* ~ Noell

And especially thank you do in providing and contributing to places to escape from the monotony of life.
*N~gypsy Customer

We really appreciate the opportunity here. You have been extremely
accommodating. Arguably, the nicest venue we've worked with.
The lawsuits

Thank you for organizing the World Zombie Day March to benefit the Food bank Of Central And Eastern North Carolina! The donations totaled 160 pounds of food, equivalent to 135 meals for those in need! It is through the efforts of neighbors like you that we can achieve our goals and feed the people of our community.
Sincerely, Lee Cheney, Food Drive Manager
Food Bank of eastern and central North Carolina

Hi,First off I want to say the gypsy is pretty much the most fun place to hang out in wilmington I hang out there all the time and I must say that the crowd you have now is the most relaxed fun loving group of people out of the whole club scene in wilmington.~ frankie fish

Man i miss the gypsy hardcore. I only went there a few times before i moved, but i loved it when i did! now im up in the cheese state and the nearest hookah cafe is two hours away. and i know it doesn't come close to what you guys have going on! :( Angie, Customer.

My name is matt jones, and i have heard about your venue many times, from many different acts in NC, and even down at SXSW. after all the praise, i have to try and get booked at Juggling Gypsy!!!!~ Matt Jones

thank you for having us at the Gypsy! I must say, ofthe 26 shows on our current tour, the Gypsy was the best! it's alwasy a blast, and the people~ the bartender, the vibe...GREAT!
~COdy~ No STAR band

I miss the gypsy haven't found a place quite like it here(Miami) yet.. ~ Olga S.

Bash-- Thank you so much, it means a lot to the whole GG crew. I will be sure to hit you up everytime I route them through your market. Im so glad we found you, lets make this a lasting relationship. Cheers to you and your staff. We thank you very much and appreciate all your effort to promote and host the show.
~ Kat c/o GREGG GINN

by the way your quesadillas are to die for, and i loooove the way the place looks!!! hugs, ~julia rose

Thank you, Bash! Your bar is wonderful and your staff is very hospitable. We appreciate the opportunity and look forward to visiting again. -Ski Blue Marble Beat

I just had THE COOLEST "Juggling Gypsy" experience on the road! I have the "follius", my little gold Toyota which has a "Juggling Gypsy" sticker on it. I'm parked in Boone, and as I'm walking back to the car from running errands, I see something on my windshield . . . my first thought is, "Damn!!! The Man has done given me a $%$#@# parking ticket". But when I got to it, it was a note saying, "Hey, are you a Juggling Gypsy and would you want to come with us to perform at a 4th Of July Parade?" . . .So, I'm Joining a little "drumming, juggling, fire-throwing" group up here in Boone. . .. Is that cool or WHAT?? . ..;-) So, once again, THANKS!!! JUGGLING GYPSY!!! You kidz
are still hooking me up "remotely" . . .lol FREDERICK BLACKBURN

Firstly - thank you very much for the support, the amazing venue and the friendly staff you guys have at the JGC! We love having Asylum there and look forward to many fun times to come!!!
~Asylum Goth Show

just wanted to tell you thank you for being such wonderful hosts!:-)...brian absolutely outdid himself with fussing over us, explaining mystery beer, and in general making us feel at home!:-) Thanks for being so gracious and making sure we had everything we needed as well as cheering the doc on during his performance!:-) thanks again:-) ~Rebekah and the DOctor Oakroot

I came out yesterday night for the first time, and had a lovely experience! Everyone was so welcoming. I can't wait to move out here and become a regular! Today I am back on the road, driving to Chicago, and I feel a bit sad leaving this wonderful town behind. ~Glenda

Of course i'll be back when I'm back to the US you are running a great place with gorgeous atmosphere. Thanks for the kind words! All the best ~ Gustav Haagren

Not many places I can think of quite like the Gypsy...matter of fact
it is the only one...you should be proud of that brother.
thanks and take care, James Orr,Arise Awake

Where to begin? We were absolutely thrilled to discover the JGC for ourselves... Never have we felt more at home on the road!! The vibe, the people, the food, the art, the hookahs, Denny, Steve -- we couldn't have asked for a warmer reception or a more perfect synergy. we took your advice and pursued most if not all of the promo opportunities that you provided and low and behold, it worked! We had a nice little turnout for a monday night!! Much Gratitude, Ethan ~ the Mumbles

Thank you so much for all that information. I think you have officially
earned the title of best venue to work with. Would you be interested in booking my other band Hartwell in the near future?
~Amber Blues Band

Thanks for having me out for the Comedy show. I appreciate the friendship and support that you and the gypsy have always given to me. That will always be my home stage. later, and let me know if I an return the favor.
~Timmy Sherrill

i get alot of requests from experimental and strange acts wanting to tour through Wilmington. You being the only true artist friendly venue in our awesome city... thank you my friend for everything! --oh yeah i have a good working computer and those 2 big peavy PA speakers to donate to you guys.
~ Ryan, 910 noise

Believe me, we're even happier that you guys exist, and allow us to perform there. the Gyspy is the one bright star shining in wilmington's sky.

Dear Juggling Gypsy,
I wanted to thank you so much for having me play last month!! What a
great spot!! And the food was awesome! Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
Smiles, Julie Gribble,

We had a great time and felt really at home in your place. I truly enjoyed your staff and crowd as I hope they did our music. They seemed to be into it. I would really like to schedule some more dates...We are trying to put together several runs out of town, but I just really enjoy the shit out of playing your bar! ~band X

Thanks for all you do for the community. I personally think that your experience as performers gives you an insight that not many clubs or people who book music have. I always have a great fucking time ...l love playing the Gypsy because of the atmosphere. If I had a choice I would decorate my house in the same way. Thanks again for the opprotunity to play at your place!
~Zeke Roland, The Nashing of Teeth

DUDE! Thank you so much for all of your hospitality and actually giving enough of a shit to put on a great show! We had a lot of fun and a great show for a sunday! I only wish more places were like yours, I will be recommending your place to lotsa people!
Thanks dude you are real! Peace.
~Brandon Harrod , of Laromlab & Robot Cowboy