available all day, even late, late night!


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Grilled Chicken, shredded bacon and cheddar cheese topped with juicy red grape tomatoes, fresh baby spinach and ranch dressing rolled in a 10” sundried tomato tortilla. $7.50 

A generous serving of our famous home-made Hummus, topped with red  grape tomatoes, baby spinach, sliced black olives, crumbled feta cheese, topped with a sweet Vidalia onion vinaigrette, wrapped up in a 10” spinach tortilla.  $7.50


come try em.

Whether you're performing, or simply taking it all in as a member of our live in-studio audience,Juggling Gypsy has a yummy craft services menu for you.

Need a spread for your party? Contact us

Hot Panini-style Flatbread Melts,
Cheesy Quesadillas,
Personal Pizzas
Guacamole & Chips
& Gypsy Hummus! (possibly the best in town!)

It's the Hot, Tasty, Simple Gypsy Food Menu
We make it here, and we can make it fast...right when you need it.

You can order at the counter any time, all the way until close! (and most nights, we close late!)
And with any Meal at just $5 bucks, you can't go wrong!


COFFEES, TEAS & MORE coffee bar
* Gypsy house blend
* Iced Coffee
* Espresso ~ NEW!
* Cappuccino ~ NEW!
* Americano
* Cafe Latte
* Gypsy Coffee
Coffee, chocolate & spices with whipped cream
* Caramello
Coffee and caramel, topped with whipped cream
* Hot Chocolate

* Mystic Gypsy Chai:
our original handmade recipe
* Chai Latte
* Hot Tea
* Green, Orange, Earl Gray, Lemon & more! Ask!
* Yerba Matte
a South American bush tea, providing both soothing and stimulating effects derived not from caffeine, but from its many vitamins and amino acids. A communal drink grown in rainforest climates, helping ensure rainforest protection.
Available in:
Traditional, Orange, Mint & Rooiboos


bottles & cans
new drinks always coming in. ask!
new drinks always coming in. ask!
* Pepsi
* Mountain Dew
* Sprite
* Dr. Pepper
* Dr Brown's Black Cherry soda
* Dr Brown's Soda
* Yoo Hoo
* Perrier Sparkling water
* Deer park bottled water
* IBC rootbeer
* Orange Crush
* Gatorade ~ many flavors vary
* V8 Splash~mixed berry
* V8 Splash~orange cranberry
* Welch's Grape Juice
* Welch's Orange pineapple
* Welch's Apple Juice
* Redbull energy drink ( & sugarfree redbull )
* Monster energy Drink


and yes, we even have TANG! ;)


















Gypsy Food Menu

Chips & Salsa: The Gypsy's original salsa, made fresh with lots of tomatoes, onlions, spices, cilantro, and just the right amount of kick!
Guacamole & Chips: Our original recipe, of avocado, tomato, onion, and a dash of lime, served with corn tortilla chips!
Hummus & Pita: We make a damned good hummus. Topped with Olive oil and paprika, surrounded by hot grilled pita points.
Double Hummus: Just like our original hummus, only more. Great for sharing !!!!
Bagel & Cream Cheese: an ever-changing selection w/real philadelphia creamcheese

Hot Muffin: Try a chocolate, blueberry, or banana nut muffin. We'll even heat it up for ya! Great with coffee.
Five Chocolate Cake: A big piece of warm & chocolaty cake, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
NY Cheesecake: The classically sweet & irresistable cheesecake is available here! Topped with whipped cream
* Other sweet treats available on a regular basis.

Chicken Quesadilla: baked chicken breast, seasoned with lemon pepper, with mozzarella & cheddar grilled on a 10" flour tortilla served with corn tortilla chips and our original salsa, with a side of sour cream.
Cheese Quesadilla: The classic cheese quesadilla. Mozzarella and cheddar, grilled golden brown in a 10" Flour tortilla, served with chips, salsa and sour cream.
Veggie Quesadilla: A 10" flour tortilla, stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, black olives, vidalia onions, and a touch of sliced jalapenos to give it a kick.
Pepperoni Quesadilla: Sliced pepperoni and cheddar cheeses, grilled in a 10" flour tortilla. Served with Corn tortilla chips, salsa, sour cream, and a hot marinara sauce for dipping.

Chicken Melt: baked chicken breast, seasoned with lemon pepper, with mozzarella & cheddar grilled on a 7" flatbread pita served with tortilla chips and our original salsa.
Cheesy Melt: Cheesy goodness. Mozzarella and cheddar wrapped up in a 7" flatbread pita, served with chips & salsa.
Turkey Melt: Sliced smoked turkey on a 7" flatbread pita, topped with mozzarella cheese, grilled in a 7"flatbread tortilla. Served with our orinal salsa and tortilla chips. Ranch for dipping available on request.
Veggie Melt: our 7" flatbread pita, stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, black olives, vidalia onions, and spicy sliced jalapenos. served with chips & salsa
Pepperoni Melt: Sliced pepperoni and cheddar cheese grilled on a 7" flatbread pita. Served with Corn tortilla chips, salsa, and a tangy marinara sauce.

7 " Flatbread personal-size pizzas jsut for you!

Cheese Pizza: featuring mozzarella & cheddar,basil & oregano
Chicken Pizza: seasoned and diced baked chicken breast & more spices.
Pesto Cheeseless Veggie Pizza: Spinach pesto & olive oil, sliced onions, mild jalapenos, black olives & spices.
Pepperoni: The classic. Sliced pepperoni and cheddar cheese, with basil & oregano


Having a party and want something special?

We can make it! From Burrito platters, to hummus platters, and beyond. For more info, price quotes, ideas, or offerings, Contact us!


Notes from the Gypsy Kitchen:

Veteran customers may remember our extensive menu of yore.
We offered just about everything underneath the sun. We had to streamline our food offerings for many reasons, some of which we share with you below...But we kept some of the best stuff, so we can guarantee hot yummy food rought to you fast. Some of the old menu items reappear from time to time, and 2010 will bring back some old favorites, and some special new creations. Some will be available daily, and some will appear only on special food-centric events. b

the Mobility factor
We simplified, due to the uniquely "mobile" environment of the Gypsy. In a heavily social interactive place, where the stage is all around you, there is a lot of movement. The meals & the way they're served had to be easily transported.
Then, the gas crisis hit, and the large suppliers refused to ship to us, since we weren't big establishment customers.
We couldn't get many of the ingredients without going to a grocery store. And keeping meal prices affordable was a priority.

the Availability factor
The Gypsy Kitchen had been ordering specialty items from some far-off places. Many of these suppliers deliver by tractor trailer.
We're not a huge corporation, so our orders tended to be small. We were able to "piggyback" our ingredient orders on trucks
already heading this way. But when the gas crisis hit, and petrol was reaching $4/gallon, many of our suppliers either imposed an
excessive minimum order, drastically reduced their delivery schedules, or simply refused to service our comparatively small account.
We wanted to keep our items reasonably priced, and obtaining the same items by buying in a grocery store did not make financial sense.

the Accessibility factor
The kitchen closed most nights at 11pm, just when people at our shows were getting hungry. We needed a way to provide hot meals to people at all hours. Now, ANYTHING on our menu is available fast, and when you're ready, all the way 'til closing time. Most entrees are only $5 dollars, which in these times, is a pretty welcome deal.

Now, proudly serving Lativa Coffee.

Local. Awesome.