Art At the Gypsy
Creative Projects in all media. Most is for sale.

If you like art, check out our subversive film series every sunday. Followed by "Behind the Garage"~ a live musical experiment featuring odd acts you jsut can't find anywhere else!


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Mondays $2 Mystery Magical Micros Featuring live music, and over 20 stellar microbrews for jsut $2 bucks.In a city where many places are closed on this post-weekend day, we've got you covered on live shows!

Tuesdays INDY MUSIC NIGHT! rocking your socks off with more live entertainment from regional and national acts. Independent, unique unsigned, talented, and not your usual fare. Most shows are free to low cover, and we offer $1 Sake Shots to entice you all the more.

Wednesdays GYPSY OPEN MIC! , Hosted by the gifted, and strange character, "Ted for President 2012," the mic starts at 8PM, and lasts until late! From Music to beat poetry, to variety acts, and strange musical instruments, this HAS to be the most unique open mic around!

Thursdays FIRE & DRUM JAM followed by MYSTERY DJ & GLOW JAM @ 11 WIlmington's longest running drum circle, for 6 years, is coupled with a wild group of fire dancers, jugglers, trick object manipulators, and other circus types for an organic night of practice, rhythm, and fun. Takes place outside, rain or shine. At 11, DJs take over, while the floor opens up for glow spinners who create amazing visuals with spinning objects.

Fridays & Saturdays LIVE Who knows what you can expect, except that It's going to Be LIVE! From odd performance acts, to circus shows, to bellydance show-cases, and special event theme nights, or live music entertainment spanning every genre from 1940s jazz to rapping trombone players. We are constantly in search of crazy new entertainment to blow your mind, so ANY night you stop in, is going to be something completely different!


SEEN OUR NEW LOGO YET? Thank NINA BAYS! An amazing artist, and los Angeles Expatriate, Nina creates amazing artwork in a variety of mediums, and some of her multimedia pieces, including KALI are on display at the Juggling Gypsy. We HIGHLY recommend commissioning NINA BAYSfor work, both for private collections, and commercial/graphic design.





The Runoff Art Show! w/ Drew Swinson

The urge to create is so greatly encompassing it often seeps its way into everything we do, sometimes even unexpectedly so. As an artist, you can't help but notice the beauty in everything, even when it takes the form of what might seem to others as an unintentional mess. The runoff art show is about the process through which we create, and that which often comes as a result of our methods; to create art encompassing not only the intended surface, but that in proximity to our process. It embraces the simplicity of that which is an enjoyable view on the process and natural expression of the artist. It is the expression of surrealist automatism in its purest form. Come be a part of this event July 25, 2012





FRIDAY MARCH 30, 2012 @ juggling Gypsy Hookah bar. 100% LOCAL. NEW & EMERGING ARTISTS REDECORATE THE GYPSY in the next installment of Curator callan Trippe's wild and drazy art shows. More than your average art show, Callan creates a highly interactive, bawdy good time everywhere you look. Come experience the newest art to hit the Gypsy walls, and let us entertain you with no-0holds-barred local comedians, spoken word segments, Live Performances by
Anthony Gargulio ( saint Anthony), David Vaughn, Laura Kamitsuka
AND STicK AROUND LATENIGHT FOR The Clams~ starting @ 11pm
IF you're lucky, you may even find a beer tasting.

Gypsy Art Curator , callan trippe brings YOU A delightful mash up of the Art show AND the Arts and Craft Fair. At 10 am Saturday Utopia Arts and Craft fair dominates the front yard where you can peruse wares and talk one on one with the artists who make them until 5 pm. Don't think you're off the hook then, because at 7 pm the art show starts in all it's maniacal glory. Live music, live paintings, live artists too if you're lucky. There's also going to be a Beer tasting from FRONT STREET BREWERY!!!!! Who's excited? We are




NEW GYPSY ART SHOW december 2, 2011



It's about time The Juggling Gypsy had another stellar art show, yeah? Well, here we go!

A showcase of some fantastic up and coming artists in the Wilmington and surrounding areas. The show runs from 6-10, and includes a wine tasting by Steve Gibbs and amazing afrocuban funk from Antioquia band (Oakland, CA) performing at 10pm.

Featured artists include: Matt Amor, Andi Southern, Casey Dupree, Annie Bennett, Gina Gambony, Seth Parham, Sage Ricci, Anna Mann, and m...ore! Paintings, sculpture, photographs, prints, YOU NAME IT!

We will also have a silent auction where YOU can win prizes from Spectrum Geometry, Ararat Import/Export, Amanda Hailey Creations, and more! All proceeds from the auction will go directly to non-profit organization, Art Soup ( Have a chance at winning some amazing, local art, drinks, gift certificates and more, while giving to charity!

$3 suggested donation at the door, and that goes directly to traveling band Antioquia. Seriously, can you beat that?

For info on Antioquia: http://www.antioquia-band.​net/pages/home.html

"Birthed in Colombia and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland-based Antioquia makes music that inspires raucous dancing and deep listening. With influences ranging from Mahavishnu Orchestra to AfroColombian songstress Toto La Mompasina and traditional music from West Africa, Antioquia’s primary mission is to unite humans in the healing act of dance. Their earnest let-it-all-hang-out stage presence encourages the same from the audience, creating a feedback loop that builds momentum as standers-by are sucked into the dance floor....

Peppered with fits of improvisation, bouts of silliness and fiery percussion pieces performed amidst the crowd, an Antioquia set is high energy, captivating, and anything but predictable. You can count on each show to bring the audience closer to the stage and closer together."















created by the Brendan Palmer w/ help from Owen Beckmann

If you have driven by the Juggling Gypsy, you may have noticed some serious artistic activity on the side wall. The Gypsy Mural project...Yes, it's an unusual space to create such a labor-intensive, large-scale painting, but it's fantastic...and we're not just saying that because it's on our building. Come see for yourself. Facing the Gypsy from the street, its the back right wall. Measuring 16' x a whopping 55', done in a graffiti/urban art style. Brendan Palmer is an amazing artist to work with, and we highly suggest utilizing his innate abilities in your upcoming projects. Check out some more work from the artist HERE

For more information, to to inquire about commissioned works from these artists, contact Brendan Palmer at (910) 233-8947 or by emailing him HERE